What you will get?


A book that preserves the precious, fleeting moments of your little one’s childhood.

Your own masterpiece, dedicated to your child.

A Book that you child will read more often than any other — because it’s been written about him or her by Mom.

A Book to record your words forever. Even when your children grow up, they’ll still cherish your stories and read them again and again.

The Book covers your child’s life
from birth to preschool

Some chapters will include your child’s answers to a few fun questions we’ll suggest.
So this project is great for you if:


Your child is 3-5 years old (preschool)

Ideal. You can ask your little one the questions and record his or her amusing,
unpredictable answers.


Your child is 6-7 years old

Suitable. You’ll still remember many interesting moments from the earlier years.
Also, your child is still young enough to give cute and funny answers to the questions.


Your child is 8 years old or older

Still suitable if you want to re-live your memories of your child’s early years.
But for some chapters you’ll have to describe things that you remember instead of interviewing your child.

For babies under age 1 and toddlers we will run a special separate project in future.

What to Expect

1 Big Book
that you‘ll cherish forever

11 Chapters
of childhood covered

60 Pages
full of treasured moments

Fun and exciting 4 weeks
in our online academy

Countless minutes
spent thinking about your child

Many of other moms making 
a priceless gift for their children together

Loads cute and funny stories

Tons of photos of your beautiful child

Forget all you know about baby books


No boring questions

that make you leave blank pages.
You choose only questions you like.

No irrelevant images

of other children in your book.
Only your child’s photos will appear.

No questionnaire style

Just little stories all throughout
that will capture people’s interest — unlike a list!

Why are we different?

You’ll start and finish the project at the same time as all other participants

We put your stories and photos into a beautiful and professional designed template, so you don’t need to think about any design things.

We’ll teach you how to combine your short stories and photos into a beautiful book

You can communicate with other people in the project and share ideas, experiences and impressions in our online closed group

We’ll create the book for you from the materials (text and photos) you supply

Each of the books will be created manually and then converted into PDF format.

How does it work? 


What’s inside the Baby Book?

Below are the chapters that will be included in the Baby Book. Once you’ve registered in the project, we’ll let you know what to do for each chapter.


1. Waiting for you

2. Your birth

3. Bringing you home

4. Your “firsts” in the first year

5. Growing fast!

6. Our family (including fun questions to ask your child)

7. Your favourite activities

8. Your best friends, childcare or playgroup time

9. Funny stories about you

10. “The world through your eyes” (questions to discuss with your child)

11. Your dreams (questions to discuss with your child)


Technical Details


Book size – 22 cm (width) x 28 cm (height)

Number of Pages – 60

Digital Book file – print ready PDF format

Printed Book type – Hard cover printed Book

Can I participate from my country?

YES! You can participate from any country of the world. You just need to understand English.

All interactions and communications throughout the project, as well as all tasks and questions for the baby book will be in English.

But! You can write your stories and answers to the questions in a different language, so that your baby book will contain only your native language. At the moment we can receive text from you in English and Russian. 

In future we plan to add many other languages as well.


Here’s What You Will Receive:


Weekly instructions with the exact tasks, questions and explanations you need to start writing your stories and choose appropriate photos.


A manually created and designed Baby Book from the materials (text and photos) you supply. The book will contain 60 pages and 11 Chapters.


A digital version of your Baby Book in PDF format.
You can have it printed wherever you want.


Option to order a hardback version of the book on our website after finishing the project.

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